Vision & Objectives

Together we can make a difference.

The Australian and Queensland governments have both committed to fund the run4reef initiative across Australia and ultimately across the globe. This funding is in line with the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan and aimed at raising awareness around climate action and environmental sustainability to protect our greatest national treasure and one of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.
Below is a summary of  the objectives of run4planet.

To improve the engagement of the broader community in the protection of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

run4reef will involve communities around Australia, New Zealand and ultimately around the world. The events will connect cities in a way no other platform will. But this is not about a single event or day.  This is about on-going social media engagement and communication that will bring participants and cities together to form a totally new and modern form of “community action”.

To increase the positive impact that local action has for the Great Barrier Reef and for communities.


Participants in each city will become involved for many reasons. They will certainly understand the national/global nature of the run4reef. However, this is all about local. Each individual, each city, all coming together as one.


To make it easier for people to get involved and stay involved in the conservation of the Reef, irrespective of where they live.

This is a key. Any participant “will not need to leave home” to connect with thousands of others around the nation and globe. Running for a cause. Running for the Reef. The establishment of a national event brings with it a national conversation.

To improve sharing, connection and collaboration between individuals, community groups and Reef management.

The run4reef is not an event. It is a vehicle, a platform and a way of thinking. This Initiative will bring people from around the world together in a way no other mass participation platform has. It is all about social media and connecting individuals and communities.

To inspire greater action by demonstrating that the collective efforts of many can and will make a difference.

Individuals, corporations, cities, clubs, schools and communities will all compete, they will all talk, compare and review. Who will win, who will have the best location, who will have the most participants – who will raise the most funds and generate the best collective effort.

To provide the environment to enable those already doing great work to do more, go faster and deliver enhanced impact.


The run4reef model is simple. One-kilometre courses showcasing each city. It is a proven product. After 3 years a global mass participation platform will have been created from cloning the 4 original events in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay and the Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival in Port Douglas in 2011.


To develop and implement a collaborative initiative to support targeted behaviour change to protect the Reef.


Event participants are loyal participants. Setting and rewarding new standards of responsibility is part of how events communicate with their participants. Participants often engage their friends and family to support their goals. They will all understand exactly why they are participating and how each individual, each community and each city can make a difference. The run4reef is the perfect balance between competition and collaboration to achieve behavioural change at all levels – local – national – global.


To empower community heroes: Identify and deliver key capacity building needs for individuals & organisations to amplify partnerships and leadership.

The run4reef has always been about local heroes. Our run4reef Ambassadors. The scientists will be our heroes as will our Reef Champions and Reef Guardians.

To strengthen community efforts to address climate change impacts on the Reef by communicating the implications of climate change on the Reef and the outcomes required to secure its future – empowering partners to be part of actions to build Reef resilience.

run4reef provides for specific actions and measurable targets. There is no ambiguity. This Initiative will succeed. All partners are highly motivated and passionate. The vision of an international platform connecting simple, local, sustainable events will be an amazing vehicle to deliver on the actions and targets outlined.
The run4reef Initiative is in total alignment with the Australian and Queensland governments’ overarching vision: To ensure the Great Barrier Reef is sustained as a living natural and cultural wonder of the world. The run4reef platform is unique, will expand internationally and ultimately will reach all cities and communities across the globe as run4planet.