run4reef was created from the Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival first run in 2011 by Run for the Planet Pty Ltd. This event was held along the coastline of Port Douglas in Far North Queensland overlooking the Great Barrier Reef.

run4reef 2022 is all about continuing this movement – raising awareness and funds for unique reef research and coming together as ONE for climate action and environmental sustainability.

In 2022 simultaneous running events will be held in 22 iconic locations across Australia and New Zealand showcasing host cities and bringing 100,000 participants together to run for our own natural wonder of the world – the Great Barrier Reef.

In 2023 run4planet will become global spreading the message of health and well-being around the world.
Ultimately 1 million participants will run as ONE, over 1 day for their own health, the-health of their communities and cities, and the health of our planet.

On October 15th 2023 runners will start in run4planet Tokyo at 11am on Sunday October 13th and be joined at the start line by Sydney and Auckland. On that same Sunday seven hours later the next group of cities will include London and Dublin joined by Paris, Barcelona and Cape Town. Finally, just 5 hours later run4planet Los Angeles will start at 1pm include New York and finish with Rio at 5pm culminating with one million participants across the world participating in the first ever Global run4planet.

Run for Planet Pty Ltd is based in Port Douglas, far north Queensland Australia.

All credit for the 2022 run4reef events belongs to our run4planet team.

Working with the Commonwealth and Queensland State Governments, run4planet has brought together Government departments, our Global Principal Partner BYD, our New Zealand friends, States, Territories, Cities, Councils, all corporate and beneficiary partners, local charities, the world’s leading timing company ONETIME, fundraising experts Just Giving, the best team of Event Managers, volunteer groups and 100,000 run4reef participants to deliver an amazing event running as ONE for our global treasure – the Great Barrier Reef.