Everything you need to know about run4reef 2022 can be found right here. 

The Basics

All events are held on Sunday 16th October 2022.

22 host cities and locations – click here to view the various cities and to choose your event.

Each run4reef event comprises four individual runs on the day:

  •  a 1km run run for 6-14 year olds
  • a 5km run for all ages and abilities
  • a 10km run for all ages and abilities
  • the race2zero 10km elite event for practiced runners. 

It’s really simple. 1km laps in your own community – your host city. 1 lap for the 1km, 5 laps for the 5km and 10 laps for both 10km events.

Check out your host city route here.

You’re running for your own health and for climate action and environmental sustainability.

Events have been designed to have something for everyone. Events for boys and girls, males and females and non-binary, all ages and abilities (over 5 years old) and with a time qualification for entrants in the race2zero.

Water bottles, snacks, a buddy to look after your gear PLUS your phone to sync your registration to your timing tag.

Please remember to be conscious of your environment and clean up after yourself – we would like to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. 

Please be conscious of your carbon footprint and use public transport to travel to your event when possible. 

The run4reef screen will be showcasing Australian and New Zealand talent – watch out for run4reef entertainment details coming soon.

Need To Know Info

Registrations are open now and close one hour before each event begins on Sunday 16th October.

1km 6 – 14 Boys & Girls (on the day of the event) – $29.50

5km all entrants of all ages and abilities – $67.50

10km all entrants of all ages and abilities – $87.50

race2zero 10km event – $87.50

You can register as a run4reef non-running fan participant to show your support for the cause and be in with a chance to win a BYD electric vehicle – $49.50

Each individual race distance in each host city is limited to 1000 maximum entrants. 

See your host city page to view your race map. 

Reefies are a free gift to the first 40,000 ‘early bird’ entrants (including officially registered fan participants). 

The prize will be won under supervision for a BYD electric vehicle and is open to the first 40,000 entrants (including FANS) across all 22 events.

All 40,000 early-bird runner entrants will also be given a Reefy at each event check-in.

Prizes are outlined on each host city location page under the ‘Race Route’ heading. 

All run4reef participants are strongly encouraged to utilise local public transport options to attend your event. If this isn’t possible, please attempt to rideshare and minimize your environmental footprint on the day of the event as much as possible. 

run4reef cannot guarantee event specific parking will be available for your event. 

In the case of a weather event causing a delay to a host city run4reef event schedule, events can be delayed and times aggregated later on Sunday 16th October.

In the case where the event is cancelled due to an extreme weather event, then participants can access their run4reef refund via REFUND PROTECT as part of their event registration.

On The Day

Once you’ve registered for participation you’ll need to download the app to be included in timing. Follow this link and follow the instructions to download the app and get race ready. 

1. Download the App

Get the ONETIME App and make a profile.

2. Create an account

Tap Register in App or create an account here.

3. Find your event

Scroll down or search for the event name to find your event in All Events. Tap Save Event to add it to My Events.

4. Follow yourself and friends

Tap the Image icon under Following to find participants that you would like to follow like friends and family.

5. Assign Tag (after collection on race day)

Select yourself or someone else. Add Date of Birth then Tap the Image  icon to scan the QR code on the back of the tag. Tap Assign Tag.

6. Success, Attach to your Shoe

ONETIME will process your info and then send your phone a success notification. Once received, attach the Tag to your laces with both clips for maximum grip. You’re now race-ready!

All participants will be required to sync their timing tags after collection at the event.

This is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Collect your generic tag
  2. Personalize your timing chip by synching it to your registration on the run4reef app
  3. Check it on the run4reef check-in mat – your NAME – your TAG

Each chip has its individual number, so there are no numbered race bibs in any of the run4reef events.

All run4reef race briefings, participant information, event news and presentations will be seen on the BIG screen at your host city – stay updated and enjoy the entertainment!

All run4reef race briefings will be delivered on the BIG screens. Details of all race briefings will also appear on the run4reef website.

On course toilets will be provided at all run4reef events

All participants are requested to keep to the outside of the track to allow the fastest runners the best opportunity to be an overall winner in each of the run4reef events.

Yes, we want as many of you as possible to be involved in this amazing simultaneous movement.

BUT please be advised if you have not finished your distance within the times provided below you will be asked to step off the course in readiness for the next event. As you can imagine all events across the 23 host cities must start on time.

Walkers will also be asked to start at the back of the field.

Event time allocations

  • 1KM Warriors (6-14 y/o) – 15 minutes
  • 5KM (All Abilities) – 40 minutes
  • 10KM (All Abilities) – 70 minutes
  • 10KM Race2Zero (Elite) – No walkers, sorry

Food and beverage outlets will be advertised for each host City event.

Storage for small bags and valuables will be available at all run4reef events.

All event presentations will be held immediately following each event. 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters are requested to make their way to the stage after each event.

All participant times will be displayed on the run4reef website/App immediately following each event

To mitigate against extreme weather conditions in Darwin (as a health and safety precaution) all Darwin events will be held at an earlier time on Sunday 16th October and then aggregated into the overall times.

The ONETIME timing tags underpin all run4reef events. These tags are fully reusable in line with the run4reef minimal footprint technology. Tags will be collected by participants on arrival to the events. All tags are generic until synched on your phone, tablet or laptop to your personalised QR registration on your run4reef registration.

Once synched you are ready to go with all other Australian and New Zealand registrants.

Participants will deposit their tags into the BYD barrel at the end of their race to ensure they have a chance to win the BYD Atto 3 and to also meet our objective of keeping our environment clean and green.

It’s simple –

Have FUN!

Run as ONE – your time will not start until you run across the start mat.

Bring your OWN Drink Bottle and Snacks. Leave NO MESS.

Your tag into the BYD barrel could WIN you an electric vehicle.

Check out all the local eateries and cafes for your coffee hit and event day snacks.

Remember run4reef is a different “style” of event. You time only starts as you cross the mat. All ages and abilities are running together. Please stay on the outside of the track wherever possible to allow your City Champions to shine.

All of the first 40,000 registrants into run4reef across Australia and New Zealand will receive a free Reefy at their event. Reefies are the multi-purpose clothing article shown on the run4reef Merch Shop.

Run4reef have also included other merchandise options in the on-line shop which features delivery to your home 9 days after your order has been processed.

Please note there will be no run4reef merchandise available at events.