Join us on Sunday 16th October at Federation Mall, Capital Hill

Day commences from 1.00pm and begins with the opening ceremony. The 1km event start time will be 3.10 pm on Sunday 16th October.

6-14 Children only. One parent / guardian may accompany a child for free if they deem this necessary.  All ages must be as on the day of the event.

Kids aged 5 and under may join the 1KM run for free with a parent or guardian accompanying them – we want as many kids as possible to join in and #runasone. No need to register as your timing will not be tracked. Please allow for the registered older kids to start ahead of you, their timing will count!

Open to boys, girls and parents may accompany their child for free. Children running with parents will start behind single child entrants.

Registration $29.50

3.05 pm                    Event Briefing

3.10 pm                    Event Start

3.25 pm                    Event Finish

3.30 pm                    Event Presentations 1st, 2nd, and 3rd M & F                         

Gold / Silver and Bronze Medallions M & F

6.25 pm                    Presentation of the run4reef Major Prize, please enter your run4reef timing tag in the barrel to be eligible to WIN

Day commences from 1.00pm and begins with the opening ceremony. The 5km event start time will be 2.00 pm Sunday 16th October 2022.

All ages and abilities. Male, Female & Non-Binary are all encouraged to participate. 

Running with a jogging pram is permitted – you will be asked to start at the back of the field to ensure everyone’s safety.

Registration $67.50

1.55 pm                    Event Briefing

2.00 pm                    Event Start

2.50 pm                    Event Finish

2.55 pm                    Event Presentations 1st, 2nd, and 3rd M & F

Gold / Silver and Bronze Medallions M & F

6.25 pm                    Presentation of the run4reef Major Prize, please enter your run4reef timing tag in the barrel to be eligible to WIN

Day commences from 1.00pm and begins with the opening ceremony. The 10km event will begin at 4:55 pm on Sunday 16th October 2022. All ages and abilities. Male, Female & Non-Binary are all encouraged to participate. 

Registration $87.50

4.50pm                     Event Briefing

4.55pm                     Event Start

6.05pm                     Take your time, but don’t finish after 6.10pm, as you must get your timing tag in the barrel asap to WIN the run4reef Major Prize

6.15 pm                    Event Presentations 1st, 2nd, and 3rd M & F

Male & Female Champions win the Great Barrier Reef Prize – 3 nights’ accommodation for 2 people at the run4reef Finale in May 2023 staying at the Marriott Sheraton Grand Resort and Port Douglas and touring the Great Barrier Reef with including flights and transfers

                                   Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medallions

6.25 pm                    Presentation of the run4reef Major Prize, please enter your run4reef timing tag in the barrel to be eligible to WIN

Day commences from 1.00pm and begins with the opening ceremony. The Race2Zero 10km event will begin at 3.45 pm on Sunday 16th October 2022. 

Time Eligibility Rules Apply – there is a 45 minute time limit on this event.

Male, Female & Non-Binary are all encouraged to participate. 

Registration $87.50

3.40 pm                    Race Briefing

3.45 pm                    Race Start

4.35 pm                    Event finish

4.40 pm                    Event Presentations 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

$1000 Prize Male & Female Champions

Gold / Silver and Bronze Medallions

6.25 pm                    Presentation of the run4reef Major Prize – enter your run4reef timing tag in the barrel to be eligible to WIN


Welcome to run4reef, a synchronised race event taking part across 21 cities in Australia & New Zealand.
Races will start simultaneously with a global leaderboard where you will not only compete against your local runners, but runners from across two continents. Register for your preferred distance with races at 1km, 5km, 10km, or the elite 10km race2zero.

run4reef isn’t all about the competition – it’s about raising awareness and funds for various projects working to maintain and restore our very own natural wonder of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.
Join run4reef in Canberra on Sunday 16th October 2022.

Event Summary

There’s plenty of reasons to enter your run4reef event NOW. It’s a world’s first, the Great Barrier Reef needs your support, you could win a BYD electric car, there are limited registrations available, you can run against family and friends across Australia and NZ and it’s going to be FUN.

And don’t forget we are announcing some fantastic musicians playing for your entertainment!

10% of your registration fee goes to our reef charity partners – the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, WWF Australia & WWF New Zealand.
5% of your registration fee goes to local charities.

There are limited number of registrations available in each separate host city.

The run4reef formula means that events are contained in a restricted area to minimize disruption and depending on the course width only a certain number of runners can participate. But the beauty is you can watch it all happening right in front of you.

Get in early.
run4reef is unique. Runners will start each event simultaneously across every event. Runners will not only be running with participants in their own city, but against all runners across Australia and New Zealand in real time.

As runners cross the timing mats on each lap they will be able to see their ranking across the 22 events.

One of the first 40,000 entries in all events across Australia and New Zealand will win a magnificent BYD Atto 3 electric vehicle valued at $50,000. What an amazing prize!

We will all be running as ONE. Sure it’s a race, but please remember your time only starts when you cross the starting mat and finally once you’ve finished all laps – across the finish ONETIME mat.

Apart from the race2zero all events are for all ages and abilities.

The run4reef 1km is for all boys and girls over 5 years of age and under 14 on the day of the event.

Parents may also enter the 1km to accompany their children in this event and start at the rear of the field. Parents will receive a timing tag and be eligible for entry into the prize draw for the BYD electric vehicle.

One of the best features of run4reef is that we are all running together. Cheers on your city’s best as they strive to become the first ever run4reef Champions. Cheer on your city’s best as they strive to become the first ever run4reef Champions.

race2zero Champions

race2zero entrants are competing to be host City Champions.

Urge them on – they are representing your City.

The male and female Champions at each event will each win a cash prize of $1,000 and the fastest Champions across all events will also win the Great Barrier Reef prize of 3 nights accommodation for 2 people at the run4reef Finale in May 2023 staying at the Sheraton Grand Resort, Port Douglas and touring the Great Barrier Reef including flights and transfers.

Yes – there’s more.

Our huge thanks to the run4reef musicians and bands.

What acts we have for you.

Musicians will be playing in a centralised location and broadcast across the various events via the big screens.

You can’t be late. We are all running as ONE.

However, your time only starts when you cross the start mat so please respect all participants and keep to the outside – let your City Champions through. They are racing.

Yes, we want as many of you as possible to be involved in this amazing simultaneous movement.

BUT please be advised if you have not finished your distance within the times provided below you will be asked to step off the course in readiness of the next event. As you can imagine all events across the 23 host cities must start on time.

Walkers will also be asked to start at the back of the field.

Event time allocations

  • 1KM Warriors (6-14 y/o) – 15 minutes
  • 5KM (All Abilities) – 40 minutes
  • 10KM (All Abilities) – 70 minutes
  • 10KM Race2Zero (Elite) – No walkers, sorry

Please use public transport, bring your water bottle, pack some snacks or support the local coffee shop and cafes, deposit any rubbish and of course return your timing tag to win the BYD. We really want to be a zero footprint event.

Canberra, ACT - Discover More

Canberra Conservation Projects

Canberra shows that designing a sustainable city is complex, but doable.
The technologies already exist for it to become a carbon-neutral, thriving city. A greater emphasis on renewable energy is happening globally.
Sustainable infrastructure and climate resilience is being favoured as economies decarbonise and production and consumption transitions towards a more circular economy.
Due to early policy intervention, today the ACT has reduced its emissions from electricity to zero and is powered by renewable technologies. After achieving this milestone, the ACT is now taking steps to reduce emissions from transport, gas, buildings, and waste so that Canberra can become a net-zero emissions city by 2045.
We’re responding to climate change as an economic opportunity to attract innovative new enterprises and high-value jobs.
The ACT Government is committed to taking science-based action to transition to net zero emissions and mitigate and adapt to climate change, while ensuring all can benefit from the zero-carbon future. We will lead in innovation and provide a model demonstrating how to achieve climate neutrality. We will create a more resilient and sustainable Canberra.

Sustainable Household Scheme

The Sustainable Household Scheme offers loans from $2,000 to $15,000 for eligible residents to buy energy-efficient products. These include:
  • rooftop solar panels
  • household battery storage systems
  • electric heating and cooling systems
  • hot water heat pumps (HWHP)
  • electric stove tops
  • electric vehicles
  • electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • installation costs for these products.
Over the life of the scheme, residents can install one product or a bundle of products.Together, these can be valued at up to $15,000.The Scheme has already helped thousands of Canberra households access the benefits of a zero-emissions future.The Scheme has reduced the ACT’s CO2 emissions by around 802 tons through upgrades from gas to electric products.This has reduced the annual running costs of ACT’s households by over $12.4 million.

Single use plastics ban and FOGO pilot

Certain single-use plastic items are now banned in the ACT. This is part of our commitment to sustainability and taking action on plastic waste.
We are also making it easier for people to reduce food waste, which is a simple way to take every day climate action. This will improve our waste management and help us achieve net zero emissions in the ACT by 2045. A food organics and garden organics (FOGO) bin collection pilot is servicing 5,000 households in the suburbs of Belconnen, Bruce, Cook and Macquarie. FOGO helps households in the pilot suburbs to recycle food scraps along with garden waste in their new kerbside FOGO bin. All the organic goodness is collected and turned into nutrient-rich compost.

Big Canberra Battery

The ACT Government has committed to delivering a Big Canberra Battery of at least 250 megawatts of ‘large-scale’ battery storage which will be distributed across the ACT. The procurement may deliver several batteries with a variety of capacities through one or many organisations.

The Big Canberra Battery project will help more Canberra households move to renewable energy.

The largest batteries will be used to support our electricity network. Smaller batteries would be used to power essential services such as schools and hospitals. In between, neighbourhood-scale batteries will provide opportunities for local communities to participate in the energy revolution.

The battery ecosystem could potentially power over one-third of the ACT.

Building a climate-resilient city

As our climate changes, the risk of extreme events, such as fires and floods, will escalate. The ACT is taking action to prepare our city by creating more green space in our urban areas to manage temperature extremes and support community wellbeing.
Established over nine decades, Canberra is known for its tree lined streets and park trees that provide a connection to nature no matter where in the city you are.
The urban forest we enjoy today unfortunately only covers around 19% of our urban area, lacks species diversity and is ageing significantly.
The ACT is working to cool Canberra suburbs by increasing tree canopy coverage and permeable surfaces to 30%.
The Urban Forest Strategy 2021–45 sets out the ACT Government’s vision for a resilient and sustainable urban forest that supports a liveable city and the natural environment and contributes to the wellbeing of the community in a changing climate.
The ACT Government is also introducing planning reforms to set new standards in sustainable building and strategic land release programs, which will maximise green space in our communities and support biodiversity.

Zero Emissions Transport

Transport is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions for the ACT, making up over 60%. The ACT is committed to transitioning to a zero emissions transport network and making it easier for all Canberrans to choose sustainable transport options for every journey.

To do this, the ACT Government has introduced a range of policies including a plan to decarbonise public transport by 2040, expanding walk and ride infrastructure in our community, and supporting community uptake of zero emissions vehicles, such as electric vehicles, on ACT roads.

The ACT is also working to speed up the transition to zero emissions vehicles by providing generous financial incentives for the purchase, expanding charge infrastructure and working closely with industry to support technology and market growth.

Our Top 5 Canberra Activities

Reconnect with nature

Canberra is renowned for being a 100% renewable energy city with approximately 70% of the ACT dedicated to nature parks. Set yourself the challenge on a visit to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to spot five famous native Australian animals that call the area home: the koala, platypus, kangaroo, emu and wombat. Or walk up Mount Ainslie, Mount Painter, or Black Mountain to enjoy scenic views over the city. This green city transforms with each season. Visit in spring to see native flowers at theAustralian National Botanic Gardens, cherry blossoms around Lake Burley Griffin, and more.

Photo credit – Richard Poulton for VisitCanberra

Photo credit – Crux for VisitCanberra

Explore the capital's famous lake

At the heart of Canberra is Lake Burley Griffin, surrounded by galleries, museums, cafes and parks, as well as walking and cycling paths. Do as the locals do and spend an hour walking the ‘bridge to bridge’ path around the lake, stopping for a coffee along the way.Peddle your way across the lake in a classic paddle boat or enjoy a floating picnic on a GoBoat. Don a captain’s hat and navigate this eco-friendly electric boat made of recycledPET bottles around Lake Burley Griffin to find the perfect vista for your scenic lunch.

Enjoy Floriade and great spring events

Canberra’s calendar of events and festivals celebrate the city’s four distinct seasons. Why not visit Australia’s biggest celebration of spring, Floriade? With over one million blooms displayed in intricate patterns, market stalls, foodie experiences, live music, and workshops this festival is a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Photo credit – Brenton Colley for VisitCanberra

Photo credit – Damian Breach for VisitCanberra

Discover the Australian story

From our ancient Indigenous past to the modern multicultural country of today, unearth the treasures of our nation at the national attractions in Canberra. Explore one of the world’s most architecturally acclaimed buildings, Parliament House, and see the nation’s most popular and important objects–from the Holden Prototype No.1 to bark paintings and ochre used by Aboriginal artists more than 50,000 years ago at the National Museum of Australia.

Sip craft beer at Australia’s first carbon - neutral brewery

Beer lovers can’t go past a cold brew Capital Brewing Coin Fyshwick, Australia’s first 100%c arbon-neutral brewery. Sustainability is at the core of their good natured brews. Cheers your mates with a speciality brew in the spacious beer garden before exploring their neighbouringindoor ski centre, bouldering gym, gin distillery, chocolatery, and art gallery in theDairy Road Precinct.

Photo credit – Kara Rosenlund for VisitCanberra