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6 of 22 run4reef locations


On Sunday 16th October 2022, a synchronised race event will take place across 22 cities in Australia & New Zealand.

Thousands of participants will run for a cause, running for our very own wonder of the world – the Great Barrier Reef.

Races will start simultaneously with a global leaderboard where you will not only compete against your local runners, but runners from across the continent. Register for your preferred distance with races at 1km, 5km, 10km, or the race2zero 10km designed for elite runners.


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With the support of 21 host cities, runners will have the opportunity to compete against participants right across Australia and New Zealand without leaving home.  

In each of the 1km (6-14yo), 5km, 10km and 10km race2zero for elite runners, all participant times will be aggregated in real time to create the world’s first simultaneous running event across 2 countries and 21 cities – – with all runners competing over exactly the same distances and being able to measure their times with and against all participants.

Join the cause wherever you are. Choose your race location below.


ONETIME is the official event timing partner responsible for providing the world’s leading technology to the simultaneous run4reef events.

From a simple formula running vision first created in 2017 ONETIME’s technical engineers have built the run4reef solution which will ultimately enable runners to compete in their home cities with participants right around the globe in this unique mass participation event.

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Thanks to our generous sponsor BYD, the first 40,000 to register for any of our run4reef events can win an ATTO 3 electric car!

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Running As ONE

All run4reef events are designed to be all inclusive. While events will also be competitive, we urge all participants to recognise the race etiquette and be respectful of all runners regardless of ages or abilities.

At the same time, we also urge participants in each Host City to support their champion runners by staying on the outside of all run4reef courses to allow those champions and elite runners the best opportunity to compete at the highest level.

Reef Restoration Projects

The run4reef is all about raising awareness across the globe – one step at a time.

As concerns about the health of the Great Barrier Reef grew, the run4reef initiative has expanded to provide an opportunity for participants to transform not only their own health and well-being, but also the health of their communities and ultimately the Great Barrier Reef.

Supported by the Commonwealth and Queensland State Governments, and in partnership with 21 cities across Australia and New Zealand, on Sunday 16th October 2022, run4reef will create a world’s first.

Participants will join together on 1km courses in iconic locations starting each event at exactly the same time, creating a unique mass participation event – running for our very own natural wonder of the world – running for the Great Barrier Reef.

Our reef is an irreplaceable ecosystem facing a growing combination of threats, but there is hope and, together with our partners, we’re already making an impact.

Meet Reefy

All run4reef Runner and Reef Fan registrations include a free Reefy for the first 40,000 registrants. This fully recyclable multi-purpose headscarf will help you remember your amazing contribution to the planet.

Wear it on your head, your body, your neck or your wrist. The Reefy is yours as a thank you for your commitment to climate action!

The run4planet Project

In 2022 simultaneous running events will be held in 22 iconic locations across Australia and New Zealand showcasing host cities and bringing 100,000 participants together to run for our own natural wonder of the world – the Great Barrier Reef.

In 2023 run4planet will become global spreading the message of health and well-being around the world.

Ultimately 1 million participants will run as ONE, over 1 day, for their own health, the health of their communities and cities, and the health of our planet.